Get an extra 25% off sale items with Macri coupon (min. spend $50) - E.G. 5 x St Goliath tees / shirts for a total of $37.50 ($7.50 a pop)

9 March 2017

As always, you can get great deals on St Goliath clothing at Macri, and now with this coupon they become an absolute bargain. An extra 25% off applies on sale items when you spend over $50 with the code MAR17, valid throughout the month.

St Goliath clothing items on sale start from ~$20 at Edge Clothing, over $27 at both The Iconic & Glue Store, and Universal Store only stocks full priced items - i.e. hoodies for $70 a pop and jackets for roughly $100...

The styles at Macri were originally priced at $50 - $70, reduced to $10 or $25 each, which means that you can buy 5 items priced at $10 a pop to reach the minimum spend threshold and get an extra 25% off, dropping your total to just $37.50 for 5 St Goliath tees - the same as one or two would have cost you elsewhere.

There are plenty of jackets, vests, shorts and trousers on sale besides the tees as well.

Shipping costs apply to orders below $75, which is based on your order size, starting from $7.95.

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