Free tee when you buy 2 super slurpees at 7-Eleven

7 August 2012

Not exactly a freebie as you need to purchase products. Not sure how much a super slurpee costs, but if you buy them regularly, I guess the t-shirt is pretty much a freebie. While stocks last.


  • admin EDITOR
    I love their terms and conditions around the promo. Super brief...... just this "*While stocks last. 2 Super SLURPEES in one transaction" White t-shirt. Free advertising for 7--Eleven.
  • queenshrew
    It's kinda cute.. Pity doesn't come in kids' sizes as I think it will look cute on my little girl lol :D
  • queenshrew
    I got one last night! It's cute! They have female (One size) or Male (one size). I got the female. It is a fitting tee. The male shirt is massive.... I thought the female shirt was pretty. It has a girl sitting beside a slurpee shaped machine, sipping a slurpee haha. On the back, it has the Slurpee logo (Bah, no way I'm wearing that out) haha. It comes packed in a plastic bag with RRP$15 on it.. Great buy. Only spent $6.60 for my 2 slurpees!
  • Pookie
    This tee will go well with my 1Day bag of crap t-shirt.

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