Free Shipping at Indulge Fashion this weekend ONLY - New Summer bathers arrived!

10 August 2007

Still not too sure I am ready to start getting into new swimmers but if you had a hankering then you can go and check out the Indulge fashion site this w/e to get free shipping and see the new summer beach fashion!

I personally think the 25% off deal that Mouldgirl posted is a better offer. I have put the link in comments below
You get free shipping this if you spend over $100!

Offer ends 5pm Monday 13th


  • Emma EDITOR
    ]Here' s a link to get a big discount...
  • Emma EDITOR
    I've just done a test basket, and I think the free shipping works in conjunction with the above deals that I have linked to. E.g. I added items to my basket worth $82.50 through the Bigpond link (which would have been worth $110 previously). Then I added the $20 off $80 voucher that I was sent for signing up to the newsletter. My basket came to $62.50. Then on going through checkout, no delivery charge was shown at all. Deal-icious!
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - nice combination Jayne - I'll give you a hot for the smarts.
  • nod
    Excellent work up Jayne :)

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