Ex Dept. Store Jewellery Clearance at COTD - 20 Pcs for $19.95 OR 40 Pcs for $29.95!

6 April 2008

Ex Dept. Store Jewellery Clearance
20 Pcs for $19.95 OR 40 Pcs for $29.95!
(not including postage)

Weve got well over $2 million of ex-department store jewellery and fashion accessories ready to roll out. Once a year, Australias major department stores and fashion outlets clear out, and this year, lucky for you, we scored the lot. These are top brands and outlets you find in shopping centers, unfortunately we cannot mention the brands and thats how we are doing this so cheap. You will recognize every label you receive, prepare to be wowed!

Bite now and receive either 20 pieces for $19.95, or 40 pieces for $29.95. We are talking about a solid +$200 value per box. These arent your run of the mill items either, you can see examples arrayed in the images around you. Top quality, all branded, all bearing original price tags real value youll be able to see when you receive your box.

The items in your pack will be randomly picked from the absolutely massive range of jewellery and fashion accessories available. Weve got everything from:

* Necklaces
* Earrings
* Headbands
* Bracelets
* Much, much more

* Please note the 40 piece packs will include duplicate items.


  • lisss
    This stuff is junk. Not worth $2 let alone $20. I got rid of all mine.
  • photographyisart
    thats a shame to hear, the jewellery they showed on the site didnt look too bad
  • lisss
    thats a shame to hear, the jewellery they showed on the site didnt look too bad
    Yes unfortunately that's not what you get :mad: Very misleading. I think you'll find that most people who have gotten their jewellery before were very dissatisfied.
  • scatman00
    This stuff is junk. Not worth $2 let alone $20. I got rid of all mine.
    Check and Mate
  • Keeys
    yep mine all went to charity :)
  • geo78
    how much junk jewelery they have? they offered this for a long time, but it's all c**p
  • craftykiwi
    Must have an excess of stock as they keep relisting this and if it was any good would have been cleared out ages ago. Shame on the misleading picture - how do they get away with it?
  • lindanat
    Mine went to the kid party in the looly bags, all junk, but ive been dumb, i brought a pooki box more crap, the revlon boxes , ok sorta ok, mostly bright red shades of lipgloss and lipstick yuk, The nails box, that was major crap all the glues dried up and a load of crasp, i complained to be told return it via registered post and we will credit you, yeah more costs great, didnt bother. COTD, Fancy Reject Shop or Not Quite Right. Mind you i check everyday sometimes i think oh good price. Im only 40 mins away so now i will go check before i buy.
  • geo78
    i cannot find it on the website. i think this deal should be expired. then again, in a few days, i guess they will have it again...

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