Dorothy Perkins (UK) - Up to 50% off + extra 10% off Online (3 Days Only)- start £1

13 March 2012

For 3 days only...
Dorothy Perkins (UK) is having a sale of up to 50%

Plus if you purchase online, you get an extra 10% off your order.

Items start at £1. Filter the sale stuff by price and there are a number of basic items under £5


  • nod
    Standard delivery tkaes baout 9 days and cost £10.50 (About $16) Special tacked delivery is meant o be faster and will set you back £20 ($30)
  • nod
    They have quite a few items for under £5. Some ok looking maternity tops, odd bikini bits and some ok basic tops. As the delivery fee is flat you could get a number of items and you would have yourself a bargain
  • queenshrew
    I like Dorothy Perkins! They post to Australia - that's the best thing about them! And also the fact that you are unlikely to run into someone else wearing the same thing you are wearing! However - I must say that I wish we can afford to send back things that we do not like - but postage back to UK is just so unreasonable (Australia Post's fault, not theirs) and it is better to just resell the items you dislike or ill fit you on eBay.
  • minacaeks
    I love Dp as well, but some of the materials the stocked brands use are...questionable. :p

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