Dinosaur Deals: Genuine GUESS Mini Gold Handbag & Keychain - $89.95 + Shipping + Cashback.

18 April 2009

Get this gorgeous authentic GUESS handbag & keychain for only $89.95 (reduced from $189.95) at dinosaurdeals.com.au just in time for Mother's Day.

Comes with 1 years warranty

*Not sure when promo ends


  • taskel
    http://www.dinosaurdeals.com.au/images/details_large/KB506376_7166.JPG http://www.dinosaurdeals.com.au/images/details_large/KB506376_7165.JPG
  • lilpretzel
    OMG!!! That's is gorgeous, how did I miss it :eek: That is just what I've been looking for to go with my dress for my nephews wedding, perfect size :w00t: Don't forget you also can get Free Shipping
  • taskel
    lol :) yeh, i love it too! there are a few more GUESS bags reduced, but not quite as nice!
  • blackmyst
    Has anyone ordered through them before? I'm wondering weather i need the delivery insurance? And whats with the postage costs? thank god for the free post coupon because to send some perfume was going to cost me $51.50 post Any replies would be great!
  • taskel
    I havn't ordered no, but think they are pretty legit, other buckscoopers seem happy enough anyways...! $51.50... thats ridiculous!!!?!!!

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