Deco Print Leggings by Shakuhachi at Zoie for only $103.05 including shipping

8 August 2013

Glam up your wardrobe with this pair of Deco Print Leggings by Shakuhachi which is now only $93.50 at Zoie with additional $9.55 for shipping. Get this price using the voucher code you’ll find in the Buckscoop Vouchers page for a 15% off the price.

A quick price comparison reveals this same leggings to be $152 at The Iconic.

Alternately, you can get free shipping for orders of $150 and above so you may want to check out other items to pair up with your new leggings.

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  • vikk
    I went on the site, but they´ve got only one left in stock (size 6). Although I came across the same leggings at nik and she for just $65, they had them in size 8 only. Still a pretty good bargain! I actually struggled to find any other sizes of these leggings other than 8 or 10. As for the prices, you can find them cheaper than The Iconic´s $152. Unfortunately their current coupon code does not apply on sale items. For example they go for $124 at both ARCH Fashion and across all lines, and elwood.101 has them for $129.95 (all prices include delivery).
    Edited By: vikk on 2013/08/09 02:12:53: correction

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