DealsDirect - Hot ReStock - Cuddlee Blanket With Sleeves - $11.95 + $6.95 Shipping

15 June 2009

If you missed out last time, Get In Quick!!! Available in 4 colours.

$11.95 + $6.95 shipping.

Navy Blue
Royal Blue

** Deal updated 7th July - lilpretzel **


  • aussiebuddha
    I just saw them today in a shop that sells "as seen on TV" stuff on the Parramatta Westfield in Sydney. They have them at $19.90
  • lisss
    Saw them today at Centro Galleria in a stall in the center of the shopping center, they were $19.95 each. Looks like these are everywhere now.
  • femme17
    Red Dot store also selling a copy one for $15
  • queenshrew
    Price has now been slashed to $14.95 at Deals Direct in today's newsletter.. believe it's valid til 30th June or sold out..'s apparently labeled as a hot restock. There's now 4 colours... Has anyone used this..any good at all? Not just a gimmick yeah?
  • NoosieB
    And the price slashing goes on ...... price has been FURTHER REDUCED to $11.95 - which is available until 11:59pm, Thursday 09/07/2009 AEST. :)
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Noosie, I've updated the deal. :)

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