Crossroads - Everything $19.95 or LESS

15 December 2011

Sale starts midnight tonight AEST online! Everything $19.95 or LESS

Plus $10 Off with Code XMASTIME


  • voteoften
    Hi, Thanks for this. Is this the 5th day of christmas? My web page still says $10 off shorts.
  • voteoften
    Sorry, I mean 8th day?
  • kazyazy
    The email didn't say it was anything to do with the days of Christmas sale, so there might still be another deal ? Not sure
  • queenshrew
    It's currently available.I just checked the website and it says EVERYTHING $19.95 or LESS on the homepage. ---OOPS! Why's this image so massive >.< -- And yeah, it's separate to the Days of Christmas Events.... there are some really nice dresses for $19.95! ETA - Edited to remove the link to the picture cos it's SOOO massive lol
  • hhsskk
    hello just been on the site and found some items for more than $19.95, so not sure about everything for $19.95 or less, they should say "somethings" for that price. As well how much is their shipping, I do not see it, maybe I missed it.
  • kazyazy
    Shipping is $10 so if you use the $10 code XMASTIME, its like having free shipping, its instore and online and when I was instore everything was $19.95 or less and the day it started online everything was $19.95 or less..., I don't know why some things online are now over $19.95, maybe its a mistake or the sale is ending ??

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