Crossroads - 70% Off Everything!!

26 December 2010

70% Off Everything!!


  • lilpretzel
    Nice! Thanks :)
  • lisss
    This must be online only? Cos my local crossroads is still only 50% off storewide (which in itself is great) :)
  • kazyazy
    No I have been to 2 different Crossroads and its instore. The one closest to my house is nearly empty! The store I went to today still had some stock left. I am in VIC
  • winniblu
    yep same here in WA....maybe they are keeping the 20% as a tip HAHA!
  • kazyazy
    Its finished now this is their new sale
  • lisss
    Wow thats weird - Rockingham store is still 50% off and full to the brim with stock. I went on boxing day and yesterday and it was still 50% off.
  • lilpretzel
    My store had nothing over $10.00 today :eek:

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