Crossroads - 50% Off Everthing Starts 21st Dec

20 December 2010

50% off everything at Crossroads starts 21st Dec


  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Kazy :)
  • lisss
    Yay thanks love these sales they do... wish I wasnt working till late 2moro and Wed :(
  • kazyazy
    I am so glad I walked past Crossroads today and didn't buy anything because when I got home I found the email. Yay Clothes :D
  • Keeys
    The thing I like aout buing onlie from these guys is if the items don't fit or you don't like them once you try them you can just take them back to our nearest store, not having to mailback and it taking ages to get refund. Postage is always quick too!!

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