Crazy Clark's - Cool Printed Thongs $3 each or 2 for $5 - Very comfy

5 December 2009

I was in CC on Thursday and I stumbled across these thongs - they have really cute designs and are comfy, don't hurt my toes which most cheap thongs do.

I bought 2 pairs- one of the designs is an Aussie flag one which was perfect for our visiting Canadian friends.

I checked the catalogue to post this and it's 2 for $5 - of course I wasn't charged this :( but oh well, spent an extra dollar. I thought they were a good deal even at $2.95 each which is why I wanted to post.

Tip: Red Dot also have the same thongs at $2.95 each, but my local store had a very small range compared to CC which had heaps (as CC have advertised them etc)


  • taskel
    Sounds good lisss, I never wear thongs, find them uncomfortable too. Might buy a few pairs of these to try and get used to if they're comfy. :thumbsup:
  • golfwidow
    Great. Will stock up for kids over Chrissy :)
  • NoosieB
    Good one. Always great having spare thongs for the kids to quickly slip on when we're going to the beach or just up to the shops. :)

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