Country Road Offer for All Cardholders

28 October 2007

Not sure if everyone knows about the great deals that you can get if you are a Country Road cardholder.

Current deal is that you get $50 off if you spend $150.

Or $100 off if you spend $300.

Follow the link to check out some of the fashion.

Offer valid for womenswear, menswear, kidswear and homeware. Ends Sunday 11 November 2007.

The conditions for the Country Road card program will be changing in 2008 so have a look at them if you are interested in joining the program.


  • admin EDITOR
    33% discount is good. Do you know if that can be used on sale items smarmie ?
  • elegantegotist
    It is the start of the season - there are usually no sale items at this time. Also don't you need the postcard because they need to scan it ?
  • Smarmie
    You need to be a Country Road cardholder to get the deal. I didn't show my voucher from the catalogue but maybe some stores ask for that too. There are also some other deals instore at the moment - from memory there's also 30% off skirts and women's tops. But this can't be used in conjunction with the other offer - it's one or the other!! I maniny posted the deal to let people know that you can get some great deals if you join as a cardholder for certain stores. Happy shopping!! :D
  • nod
    Thanks Smarmie, Country road certainly do have some pretty good offers for their card holders during the year. If you are a regular at CR, it is well worth applying for the card :)
  • misserss
    Just thought I would mention that CR are changing their cardholder program next year so this may possibly be the last offer you could receive, depending on how much you spend at the stores/DJ/MYER. Your spending in 2007 will determine your status in 2008. There will be two tiers - Cardholders (spend upto $750 per year) and Loyalty Members (spend more than $750 per year). Cardholders get Sales and previews and special offers, first to know about new season ranges and free basic tailoring on full price suits. Loyalty Members get the same as Cardholders PLUS spend & save offers, gift vouchers, gift with purchases & free gift wrapping.
  • nod to Buckscoop Misserss Thanks for the info. I did not know that they were changing :( I think if you don't spend a great deal at Myer and have the card then now is the time to use this loyalty reward for sure
  • Emma EDITOR
    Welcome from me too misserss, good to see you posting :D

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