COTD - Sound Equalizer T-shirt - $14.80

23 January 2008

Not sure if it would be to everyones liking but i think its quirky


Sound Activated Equaliser T-Shirt

Pumpin' up the Jam, Slashin' the Price!

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With a built in sensor picking up on the sonic environment around you, these tees respond to music, speech, singing, rapping, flying saucers, intergalactic beats and other such day to day occurrences. Normally selling for up to $49.95, our price today is a joke really - its barely what youd expect to pay for a t-shirt, never mind a shirt with this kind of crowd pulling capability

Speaking of crowd pulling, when we first picked these up at our warehouse I pulled one on, and bam, everyone in the warehouse was following me around for a good two hours. Everyone was so excited we formed a team the Catch of the Day Digi-Street Beat team. Our aim was to walk the streets of Melbourne and break into song and dance at random moments hoping to attract more to our cause with our bright animated tees. Send me an email if youd like to join our cause well take over the world I assure you.

Anyway back to the t-shirt, wear them in clubs and get tons of people staring, wear them to business meetings and divert their eyes away from your dodgy sales charts, wear them to a funeral and prepare to be buried next!

The tees are very easy to wash, simply remove the convenient, tiny battery pack, and inner display sheet. The battery pack can be hidden on the inside of the shirt, or simply clipped to your belt, or perhaps slipped into your jeans pocket its up to you.

All I know is, at this price, youd be crazy to miss out



  • nod
    Thanks Fairy There were rumours that the last time this tee was listed that a few did not work or there were problems with them But at 1/3 the price that is a very good discount
  • scatman00
    and the reason COTD has these back in their small fish is to once again try and undercut the opposition. One for the girls... (has some sort of affiliation with zazz i believe)
  • fairybelle
    thanks scatman, that one is really cute...
  • golfwidow
    :( Wouldnt work for me last night and now extra large is all gone.
  • lilpretzel
    Correct nod, my t-shirt was broken and still waiting on a refund after 4 months :mad:

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