COTD - Digital Animated Equaliser T-Shirt $14.95 + Shipping

19 October 2007

Today's Catch of the Day:

Digital Animated Equaliser T-Shirt
Pumpin' up the Jam, Slashin' the Price!

With a built in sensor picking up on the sonic environment around you, these tees respond to music, speech, singing, rapping, flying saucers, intergalactic beats and other such day to day occurrences.
Normally selling for up to $49.95, our price today is a joke really - its barely what youd expect to pay for a t-shirt, never mind a shirt with this kind of crowd pulling capability...


  • Keeys
    I've wanted one of these for my son but didn't want the price tag to go with it so just ordered one THANKS!! BTW keep an eye on these buys this week its their birthday so sure to be some good deals headed our way YAY!!
  • lilpretzel This is pretty cool, imagine all the looks you would get wearing this to a concert. My girls loved this, so ordered it :D At the moment $49.95 is the going price [ not including shipping ] So YES a bargain for $23.90 delivered T-shirt Sizing Guide All FlashTek Flashing T-Shirts are made from cotton. Black colour only. Small 20" (50.5cm across) 28.5" (72.5cm length) Medium 21" (53cm across) 29" (74.5cm length) Large 22" (55.5cm across) 30" (76.5cm length) X-Large 23" (57.75cm across) 31" (78.5cm length) ** Sizes are approximate only. **
  • lilpretzel
    X-Large is SOLD OUT!
  • elegantegotist
    Wow how cool. You'd be the coolest kid on the block wearing this with the LED belt. :D It is very attention-whorey though.
  • nod
    It is very attention-whorey though.
    Have to agree with you there Elegantegotist :D But that is an excellent price. Half price and just in time for Christmas
  • nod Just seen this - need to keep our eyes open next week
  • admin EDITOR
    laughing my butt off lilpretzel - I'll give you a hot for the novelty value.
  • lilpretzel
    Just for you :whistling: Your so kind Admin, I reckon the girls friends are going to be green with envy :w00t: :w00t: Now to get a good deal on those stupid flashing word belts.
  • nod
    Love the picture - where do you get all these from Lilpretzel :D
  • Emma EDITOR
    Great post lilpretzel... voted hotty :D
  • lilpretzel
    Thays guys, ALL SOLD OUT!!!!
  • wheadle
    No waaaayyyy! Too late - find me a bargain LED belt will ya :D
  • lilpretzel
    Please include me :D

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