Colorado Closing Down Sale - 50% Off Everything

16 June 2011

Offer valid in Colorado Retail & Clearance stores.

Offer not valid for Colorado Online or Colorado Fairfield (260-262 Darebin Road, Fairfield).


  • admin EDITOR
    Colorado used to make some decent quality clothing - not the most fashionable but well made - dunno if they still do - havent bought from them for years.
  • Nightmarez3k
    Went to a store the sales are not that good anyways. Store also a mess like a sty. 50% of original inflated price not sale price. Don't waste your time.
  • Wally
    Their shoes are good quality
  • odysseus
    Their shoes are good quality
    Their shoes will still be available, although in other stores e.g. Williams.
  • Rebekah76
    I got some good bargains at our local harbourtown. The clearance store had already marked the prices down and they took a further 50% off from that. Original price $109 - I got a great pair of shoes for $29.97.

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