Catch Of The Day - The Kiddlee - The Kids Blanket with Sleeves - $11.95 + $6.95 Shipping.

21 July 2009

Now I've seen it all... The kids can be just like mum and dad with their Kiddles.

Special SOS Offer.

Keeps Your Kids Warm & Cosy, Comes in 2 colours, Pink & Blue, make your selection using the dropdown menu at checkout

* The Kiddlee - Kids blanket with sleeves
* Great for kids aged 3-12 (May be a bit long depending on the height of your child)
* Super soft luxurious fleece
* 140cm Long
* Easy Care, Machine Washable

*** Please note: Does not come with belt


  • nod
    ummmmm looks just like a dressing gown :confused:
  • lilpretzel
    I'm not sure why they showed the photo with the belt, it's not included :rolleyes: You can the kids Snuggie from Global Shop Direct with a Free pair of matching slipper socks at a cost of $29.90 :p
  • queenshrew
    I can see my little girl cleaning and sweeping the floor with this ...don't think it's for her :p
  • Quokka
    The age range is bit too generous. The average kid doesn't make 140cm until they are 10, and even kids who are in the 95th percentile of height for age don't reach 140cm until they are over 8. It is kind of cute though, and very cheap, although maybe just a bit too long for the standard 3 year old :p

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