Catch of the Day - 18 Pairs Socks by Footlocker $17.95 + Shipping + Cashback

12 March 2008

18 Pairs of Socks by FootLocker!
$17.95 plus shipping.
RRP $126.

Under a dollar per pair! Official FootLocker Socks! Good socks, comfortable, breathable, high quality socks.

* Available in the following options:
o 18 Pairs in Mens sizes
o 18 Pairs in Womens sizes
o 18 Pair Mixed Family Pack Randomly mixed assortment of Mens, Womens and Childrens sizes

At a Footlocker store they sell socks like these for $13.95 per pack of two pairs. That works out to $7 a pair.

Each pack will contain an entirely random selection. You may get 12 pairs of white Ped Socks and 6 black pairs of Conceal Socks or anything really. Completely random. We do however guarantee three things:
o They are all top brand footlocker socks.
o Fantastic value. At $17.95 for 18 pairs thats under $1 per pair.
o They are comfortable.

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  • nod
    Shipping fees are $7.95 so not too shabby $25.90 delivered $1.45 each pair Can you chose your size??

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