Buyinvite- Underwear of Sweden sale

8 October 2009

Briefs from $4 and Bras from $12. Underwear of Sweden stands for high quality, everyday luxury, inspired by orginal Scandinavian design principles. The Underwear of Sweden brand prides itself on making women feel special with their luxurious fabrics and impeccable fit.

They come in an excellent range of sizes too! 10A to 18DD!


  • fairybelle
    This one starts next tuesday... :-)
  • kazyazy
    Started today ...ends Tuesday
  • fairybelle
    Oh! Sorry, i did read that wrong.. in the email it has - register for this event..? I was confused.... Ooops
  • fairybelle $16.00 $6.00 Very cheap!! ]]
  • golfwidow
    Wonder if you get both pairs of underwear she has on for $6 ;) All my size SOLD OUT :(
  • admin EDITOR
    Chucking away.....

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