Buy One Get One Free on shoes (DC, Adidas, Vans) at Pauls Warehouse

14 August 2013

A slightly convoluted promotion but still a good offer from Paul's Warehouse on a wide range of shoes where if you buy 2 pairs, you'll get the one of lesser value for free.

Where it gets a little confusing is that they're also combing this with a 30% off offer on single pair purchases. So when you select a shoe from their BOGOF list, you'll be presented with two "Add To Cart" buttons: one lets you purchase a single pair at "30% off" the normal list price, while the other lets you opt for the BOGOF promo. Also, the terms state that for a few brands (Vans, Nike and Asics) you cannot select your second lesser value pair to be of the same brand. However, I tried this out with 2 pairs of Vans and wasn't restricted.

I then selected a pair of their DC Shoe Co Bridge TX Mens shoes (red) which were listed at $119.99. With the option to buy at 30% less they were priced at $71.99. I was able to find the same pair of DC's going for $89.99 at and $99 at dstore. So a decent price at Paul's. Alternatively, if you prefer the buy one get one free offer then simply add a second pair of a lesser value to your cart and you won't be charged for them. In the end I was getting two pairs of DC's in this instance for $119 (or $59.50 per pair).

They have a wide selection left on DC Shoes, Vans, Adidas and more (nothing in Nikes though). Shipping is at a flat rate of $10.

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    $71 isnt a bad price on those DC's. Good deal.

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