Bonds buy two get one free on Guyfront trunks offer

4 November 2010

Pretty sure every bloke will read the bit about having a tired pair of undies hiding in the back of the cupboard and laugh....

Deal is ... buy two pairs of Bonds guyfront trunks, join the grundie amnesty and they will send you a third pair for free.


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    What would be perfect here is to find a merchant with a two for one offer on bonds undies so you can double up.
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    Ok - here's a deal. If you were to buy two of these from Zodee You will pay $40.42 + $6.95 shipping. If you use buckscoop cashback you would pay an effective $37.95 + $6.95. You could then submit a claim through bonds and you'd have three pairs of Bonds for $44.90 or $14.95 each. There's a two other choices in colour Obviously the more you buy the better as the shipping rate is flat. I'm also going to check out whether the Zodee member 5% discount applies where the order value is over $50. Plus if your a first time orderer you will get a $5 credit in your account which pays most of the shipping charge and makes it even cheaper. If your going to buy there make sure you use ]this link to go make the purchase off and your cashback should track. The thread on the new member 5% + $5 discount can be found ]here.
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    I just checked out what you'd pay buying 4 pairs of Guy Fronts from Zodee. The 5% member discount is valid so I can get 6 pairs (after redeeming the 2 from bonds for about $13.50 a pair.

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