Bling By Name Jewellery - $19.95 per personalised bracelet FREE SHIPPING

6 April 2008

These are so cute and not badly priced for a gift for someone. I think they'd be a great gift for kids b;day party still keeping under $20!

Bling By Name aims to create beautiful, individual pieces of sparkly jewellery for all ages... from new babies to Grandma's who never get too old to enjoy wearing beautiful reminders that they are loved and cherished...

Bling By Name is a fresh new option for gift giving. Its benefits are many and varied.

Economical. Beautful and considered gifts to show someone how much you care - without breaking budgets.
Gorgeously presented. Every personalised Bling By Name piece is packaged in eco-friendly gift wrap... with hand written cards if so desired.
Forever. Flowers die, chocolate can cause health concerns... Bling By Name is pure, everlasting beauty that will endure the test of time, and always look simply glamourous!
Hassle Free. Bling By Name's FREE POSTAGE keeps the giving simple, and economical.
Huge Selection. An ever-increasing range of gorgeous Bling By Name and bling-related products, hand-picked by an expert.
Bling By Name is pure and simple pleasure that will endure forever as a wonderful memory... but may well be addictive!


  • nod
    This is a pretty good price Keeys. I looked at getting one of these for my niece and they wanted $5 per letter not inc the band so $20 for the lot is good :) They are certainly a popular gift too
  • Keeys
    I've ordered a couple for gifts for 10 and 12 yr old b'day gift will let you know what they are like when they arrive. I like the pet ones too so cute :)

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