Big W - 2 Pairs Of Ugg Style Boots For $16 ($8 Per Pair!)

10 June 2009

Buy 2 pairs of these warm winter boots for only $16 at Big W.

Ladies Sizes 6 - 10
Mens Sizes 6 - 13
Kds Sizes 10 - 5


  • taskel
  • golfwidow
    Thanks :) Kids need some. They get ruined so quick I don't like to pay a lot.
  • NoosieB
    I agree golfwidow - definitely worth getting some for the kids - and maybe even some for mum. Thanks taskel. :)
  • queenshrew
    The Big W I went to was quite disappointing. Very limited colours and sizes left. In fact that applied for the whole ladies' shoe section. It was almost bare....!!! I did end up buying 2 pairs for my little girl. They were polka dot ones..kinda cute.

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