Bestylin - Next 20 tees out the door is on sale for just AUD$12.00 normally $35.00

2 April 2008

Appears to be a local version of Threadless
An ongoing t-shirt design competition portal

Design stylish tees
Vote for the best design
Win $250 for your designs + shirts + residuals
Discuss your views in the Forum
Buy your favourite designs

PROMO - Next 20 designer t-shirts to be sold is on sale for just AUD$12.00 normally $35.00

Shipping: $7.00 Flat Rate up to 500grams ( 2 - 3 tshirts )

STOCK: Only 2 left on 2/04/2006


  • lisss
    I love threadless and it would be great to have an Aussie site thats similar! The quality of designs on the site don't look that good atm but its one to keep an eye on.
  • admin EDITOR
    I quite like the tone of these guys - like you say lisss - very close to threadless. They need a few more designs and some decent shirt colour options though.

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