Ascoli Thrive (Black/Yellow) Sketchers shipped for $59.90 from Styletread

8 May 2013

Had my eye on these Ascoli Thrive Sketchers (in black and yellow) for a while, so checked them out at The Iconic after seeing there was a 30% off coupon on men's shoes available. But even after applying the coupon which knocked $48 off the list price, they still came out at $95.96 including delivery.

When I ran a price comparison it looked like Styletread's price of $59.90 couldn't be beaten. Note, they're out of sizes 7, 10, 12 (UK Mens). If that's your size then The Iconic appears to have all in stock and is the next best price on these which I could see.

Just for comparison, and are offering the same pair of Sketches for $109.99 and $119.95 respectively (incl. shipping).

What do you think?

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