Another Fantasy Lingerie sale up to 50% off

20 March 2007

I bought some really nice stuff from here in the last sale. Despite the name they have some pretty attractive lingerie at some really good prices. Sizes are limited. But they had a satin corset for only $50 (was $110) and then you get 12.5% cashback. :-)
I find it easier to search via size in these sales, saves a lot of time.


  • nelly
    :confused: no picture???
  • nod
    I am with you Nelly. I was a little bit dubious about Fantasy lingerie. And although they have some 'interesting' :confused: stuff, they also can have some quite sedate but nice lacy lingerie. So I always check out their sales for that reason. And the cashback is awesome :D Oh and forgot to add that sometimes merchants don't allow pictures to re copied.
  • nelly
    Ok thanks Nod. I thought I had done something wrong :o

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