Alibi Online - Free Scarf With Every Purchase

26 March 2009

Quite a nice freebie from Alibi, get your free scarf with any purchase, no minimum spend.

Choose from:

-Leopard Black & White
-Leopard Tan & Rose,
-60's Wave Print Black & White,
-Vintage Preppy Stripe Black & White
-Vintage Preppy Stripe Tan & White.

Comes in one size, can be worn as headband, scarf, belt or tied around your bag. :)

*not sure when promo ends


  • taskel I like this pink/tan one. :)
  • NoosieB
    Always great to get a freebie. Thanks taskel. When I clicked on "go to deal" and went through to the site, I found I couldn't browse other products - so am adding in the website to help others.......

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