$50 for 6x 3rd Generation La Belle Seamless Bras DELIVERY INCLUDED@Club Lifestyle

27 July 2012

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6 pairs of seamless bras for $50.00 including delivery.

I am not sure, but I have tried quite a few of these bras and I have been very happy with the ones from Deals Direct. Not as ecstatically happy with the ones from Cudo as the material is thinner and less support - however, they are ok too.

There is a range of quality amongst these seamless bras.
I have to say though - all of them are comfortable!

These claim to be 3rd generation - and they do come in funky colours!
You get Nude, Black, White, Hot Pink, Turquoise and Purple.

I'm hoping the quality is at least as good as the ones from Deals Direct.

What do you think?

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