40% off kids, womens and mens clothes! @ kmart

19 November 2008

There was an ad on SA telly saying that there was
40% off kids, womens and mens clothes

starts tomorrow (thursday) ends sunday

Ill definately be there!! :D


  • nod
    hot vote from me - excellent value :)
  • wfdTamar
    I saw a catalogue - it doesn't include small stuff like socks and undies.
  • labgirl
    I am travelling today and I saw a coupon for $10 off $60 at kmart in todays Newcastle herald. I think it was for after 4pm today, but as I was reading over someones shoulder :o I cannot be sure.
  • melissanj
    wow! that was a great shopping spree :D $200 later, and a new wardrobe for me and my son...and im off to another kmart store tonight!!! lol gotta getta good bargain :p
  • lilpretzel

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