25% off Sportscraft sitewide plus Qwibble 3.2% cashback plus Virgin Velocity points

8 April 2013

I have been waiting for Sportscraft to come up with a good sale and I have to say they have some nice gear going cheap at the moment...but what got me buying more than I probably should have was the voucher code SALE25SPORTSCRAFT (exp 23/04). This gives you a further 25% off their sale items but only when you go through the Westfield site. The funny thing is that I used it on a non sale item and got a 25% discount so its not just sale items...woohoo!!
On top of all that if you go through the Westfield Sportscraft link via Qwibble, you also get another 3.2% cashback and finally, if you are a Virgin Australia frequent flyer you also get points if you input your Velocity number at the checkout.
So what would have cost me just over $200 has come to $73 delivered after coupon & cashback.
ps delivery is free is you buy more than $200 after discounts otherwise it's about $10.


  • admin EDITOR
    Is this a general Sportscraft voucher pookie? We've got it listed under Westfield who gave it a plug so I'd assumed it was limited to them.
  • Pookie
    You are correct in saying this code is limited via Westfield (I have edited the post). If you go through Sportscraft direct, they actually have an automatic 25% off discount on their sale items however if you go through the Westfield link, you can use the code to get the 25% off non sale items as well as the sale items hence "sitewide" in the title.

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