2 x Major US Brand PantsRRP$160 Now in 4 Colours - $9.95 CATCHOFTHEDAY + 4.95% Buckie

17 November 2007


You've seen it before, it was an amazing catch, just how we managed to turn $160 worth of designer pants into a $10 mega Catch, nobody knows. Not only did we secure more stock of this hot Catch, but we've also managed to get our hands on more colours. Available today are:


Simply select your size, and we'll ship out 2 pairs, with random colour selection from the options above. Get biting, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and get set for tomorrow's massive CATCHATHON! Christmas is around the corner, no better way to get prepared than with well over 150 past Catches hosted on our sister site Daily Deals. So head over, register and get set for our biggest CatchAThon yet!

Two Major US Brand Pants for $9.95

RRP$160 CRAZY Record Breaking Value!

A Catch to SMASH all previous records for value.

A Coup de retail that could only be performed by our masterful sourcing team JUST for our members.

For $9.95, you receive TWO pairs of superb, top quality, sexy, high end US designer label womens pants (Brand cannot be advertised due the extremely low price, but there is a BIG hint on the pictures). These pants are sold in the USA for USD$60 a pair, available in Australia for $80 a pair. On Catch Of The Day, today only, you get TWO pairs - retail value of $160, for only $9.95. Yep less than $10 for TWO pairs.

Meticulously designed and manufactured by a major American fashion design label. Our price today is so ridiculous; our suppliers have done their best to protect the retail value of the pants by cutting off the labels and restricting us from mentioning the brand. We dont care. The pants are superb quality, and weve left a hint regarding the original brand name in the images anyway, shouldnt be hard to work out *wink*. It's a brand we all know :)

They are 95% cotton, featuring just the right amount of elasticity to allow for a snug, comfortable fit or a looser straight hanging style, depending on how you want to wear them. Featuring a sexy semi-formal cut, they fit in well at the office, while being comfortable enough for casual situations such as the home, functions, parties and more. The best part? You pick up two pairs for under a tenner!

Before you order make sure you select the correct size using the drop down menu at checkout, the available sizes and equivalent Australian sizes are:

US Size 4 = Aus Size 6
US Size 6 = Aus Size 8
US Size 8 = Aus Size 10
US Size 10 = Aus Size 12
US Size 12 = Aus Size 14
US Size 14 = Aus Size 16
US Size 16 = Aus Size 18

Shipping $7.50


  • elegantegotist
    The Brand is Gap and they are seriously fugly pants ! (no offence to you keeys). And no, I didn't vote on this one.
  • lilpretzel
    I've lost count on how many times I've seen COTD have this deal.

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