2 ties, shipped for $25 at Ties n Cuffs

18 October 2007

Ties n Cuffs have an offer on at the moment. They'll give you a free tie with every purchase and free shipping to boot.

Means that there is some pretty reasonable combinations you can put together like a tie, cufflinks and freebie tie for $60 or 2 ties for $25.

Worth a look. I've listed this combo more as an example than as a 'I like this tie' :-).


  • elegantegotist
    What is up with the crazy cashback !
  • nod
    Can't complain there :D
  • nod
    Triple checked it and it is correct :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Actually - ta elegantegotist - you reminded me. Just watch out if your taking this deal. They do state that the freebie tie promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promo blah blah so there is a possibility that they'll block cashback.
  • Emma EDITOR
    But 18% is pretty decent - the deal is good to start with, so the cashback would be an added bonus. Let us know if anyone goes for it and successfully gets the extra moolah :D

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