2 pairs of earrings fresh water pearl and Swarovski crystal elements for $2 plus delivery - Spreets

4 July 2012

OK well I don't usually go on about these group buy sites but this was a deal that I couldn't skip past....

What you get is the following:
Get two pairs of gorgeous earrings for just $2, valued at $121!
Youll get a gorgeous pair of 8mm Freshwater Pearl Earrings, and a pair of beautiful 6mm Crystal Earrings made with Swarovski crystal elements
Look good in any outfit with classy, lustrous freshwater pearls set in high quality stainless steel, presented in a stylish velvet pouch!
Enjoy the sparkle and elegance of beautiful crystal earrings, made with Swarovski crystal elements to add a touch of class to your collection!
The perfect addition to any jewellery collection, these freshwater pearl earrings and crystal earrings Made With Swarovski Elements, will guarantee you stand out from the crowd and look amazing!
Use them to accessorise an already glamorous outfit, or have some fun when dressing down in your jeans and tee, and add a touch of style and class to your outfit
Unlimited vouchers on offer great gift idea, or just a great treat for yourself!
Stylish, fun and high quality products! Check them out here

The Fine Print:
Can buy unlimited vouchers per person; can buy multiples as gifts
Redeem online at www.neverlandredeem.com
Once you have placed your order, expect delivery within 21 days from date of redemption, subject to availability of the product
Delivery is an additional $7.95 per pack Australia wide only, payable to Neverland Sales upon redemption
Voucher valid from 6/7/12 - 6/8/12
If you fail to redeem by this time, your voucher will immediately expire
May not be suitable for all skin types
Recommended for ages 14 and above


  • Pookie
    I just asked my wife if she looked at this deal yet and she told me that she didn't open it because the $2 title just looked too dodgy for 2 pairs of earrings! So for the record...and that's you too Wifey...these are for real and not dodgy! I just cant buy these for her birthday now...she knows :D
  • queenshrew
    It is sold out. Probably purchased by all the cheap guys for their wives ;D hahaha They are made from stainless steel???? I was like your wife and I didn't open it either as I expected it to be junk, and we are so right :p As a gift, I would be most unimpressed. The minimum for me from my guy should be sterling silver! I have yet to receive sterling silver from any guy I have ever been with - only gold. However, I am materialistic and everybody knows that hahaha I personally would not buy these myself. Postage is $7.95. I can buy a stack of these for $2 with NO postage at most bricks and mortar stores. For instance, at DIVA, their costume jewellery go on sale very frequently. These are costume jewellery :p
  • Pookie
    Hahaha....yeh what can I say, I am a cheap guy :) If you can get Swarovski crystal (not plastic inserts) earrings for £1 a pair then I will eat my post. I just had a look and it looks like the deal is still going.

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