18 pairs of kids socks $18.90 @ COTD (small fish)

19 January 2009

I know how many socks my kids go through so I think this is a good deal.

Socks are a range of sizes which is good for some with several kids.

Catch is $9.95 and P+H is $8.95 to any state


  • lisss
    I get kids socks in the right size and where I can feel the quality for less than that at KMart or Target on sale.
  • nod
    good if you had a range of ages but a bit hit and miss - especially with COTD track record. You and friends could pool and then have a sock swap meet - that could work
  • wheadle
    no longer available
  • queenshrew
    Yeah, I was wary about this offer too when I saw it a few weeks ago as I wouldn't be happy with tiny sizes or extremely large sizes as my little girl wears about age 3 size. So anything too small or too big will be wasted. I think they rotate their 'small fish' so it might come back again later on.. but I'll expire it for now :)

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