$14 item + free pearl earrings worth $70

29 June 2007

OK, so I have found the cheapest things at Gilletts Jewellers for you to buy, and get free pearl earrings worth $70. They are:
Blue silk cord $14 AU
Cubic zirconia earrings $14 AU (Pictured to the right)
Gold silk cord $14 AU
Red silk cord $14 AU

They are the cheapest items there and you only have until tomorrow!


  • nod
    Now that is a very very smart way to use the 'Gift with Purchase' offer. They usually inflate the price of the freebie anyway but even if they doubled the price you still end up with 50 bucks worth of stuff for a $14 outlay great idea Brad! :D
  • admin EDITOR
    very smart brad am getting a 'this link is no longer active' message when I click through. Must be a session variable there or something.
  • Brad
  • admin EDITOR
    ah ha - thats why. For some reason when you'd created the merchant the URL hadnt been saved so the direct link was being appended to nothing and wasnt working. Fixed it by going into the merchant record and adding their main URL
  • Brad
    [SIZE="1"]I broke Buckscoop![/SIZE] :p

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