11 pieces of clothing (tops, vests etc) in an order from boohoo.com - $56.10 DELIVERED....

7 February 2013

I was playing around in the boohoo clearance bin summer / spring sale they've just announced and was wondering how many clothing items I could get in an order for which I could use a 15% off boohoo voucher code on. The code has a $60 min spend on it. The answer was 11... I'll post the list below. The pre discount code price was $66, the post one was $56.10. Thats not bad give that not all of the items I threw in the basket were so freaky as to be barely wearable. To boot, boohoo deliver to Aus for free so the $56 price is landed.

The clearance bin sale is another clearance sale that I think is worth a look. I dont imagine the gear your buying is super high quality but there's some good items in there that'd do for day to day wear. Within the first two pages there's approx 120 items sub $20 per peice and the discount level runs from 50% to about 70% off list price. The sizing is a bit limited but you should still be able to find stuff that you like as there''s a pretty good volume.

There's also two discount codes you can use, that we have listed on the boohoo page. One for 10% off any order and the other for 15% off orders of $60 or more.

Worth a look I reckon.


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    This is what I managed to get for my 56 bucks $4 each for these three items. http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz66122/azz66122_pink_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz68223/azz68223_apricot_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz68243/azz68243_lemon_m.jpg $6 for these ones. http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz67266/azz67266_coral_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz67270/azz67270_cerise_m.jpg
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    http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz68659/azz68659_cobalt_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz81319/azz81319_fuchsia_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz65462/azz65462_coral_m.jpg
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    And a bank breaking $8 for these three. http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz65460/azz65460_multi_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz66252/azz66252_jade_m.jpg http://boohoomedia.live.venda.com/content/ebiz/boohoo/invt/azz62288/azz62288_yellow_m.jpg

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