100 Timber coat hangers $49.95 plus postage $7.05 to Brisbane (57cents each!)

19 April 2012

100 Hangers - Durable Natural Wood, Metal Neck

With 100 units, this hanger set is perfect for the home or business. The main body is crafted out of natural wood, whcih means these hangers are not only sturdy, but have a crisp, classic appearance. The metal frames provide added sturdiness. A bar underneath provides extra support for trousers, and notches in the main unit allow you to hang those thinner garments, preventing them from sliding off the hanger.

Box Includes:

100 pcs Hangers


100 Hangers
Durable Natural Wood
Metal Neck
Trousers Bar Has Ridges To Hold Trousers Firmly In Place
Notched Shoulder Latches For Lighter Garments
Perfect For Suits, Shirts, Dresses, Pants

Specifications & Dimensions:

Length: 45.7cm (18 Inch)
Carton Dimension: 60cm 15cm 10cm
Gross weight : 3 Kgs


  • admin EDITOR
    Problem with these is that they never break .... so you'll always have 100 of them hanging around.... :)
  • Acoustic1
    The material looks very much like fake wood rather than natural wood. Perhaps they mean "natural wood look".

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