Xbox elite console + Lego batman halo 3 ODST Pure Forza 3 for $375 at Target

23 March 2010

This is less than some stores are charging for the console alone and it beats the typical console bundle of lego and halo. The ad is on page 12/13 of the catalogue. Starts on the 25th.


  • blondieo
    Really awesome deal stinkmeister, such a good price! I just posted this one ]JB HI-Fi - Xbox 360 Elite Console & 5 Games - $399 which has the same games, plus Bioshock for a bit extra. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Or you could go to The Gamesmen who are doing the elite console with the same bits as these two plus wiredheadset and Kung Fu Panda as a replacement for Bioshock

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