** XBox 360 Genuine Live 12 month Gold Subscription from $49.95 @ discountgamer.com.au **

20 July 2011

Go for the Gold and enter the online multiplayer gaming arena.

2 Million gamers are online to meet, chat, play, strategize and compete together. With your subscription you'll get your own Gamer Card, Gamer Picture, motto, and more.

Then through the Xbox Live Marketplace download new game content, trailer, demos, gamer pictures, and more!

* I'm a PS3 user myself so the Xbox system and its deals mean nothing to me but this seems to be the best deal I could find for you X'ers out there...


My first search came up with -

oo.com.au $121.95
(hence the previous $79.95 deal)

Further searches have indeed come up with -

discountgamer.com.au $49.95
game-lane.com.au $52.50
cheapgames.com.au $57.95

Quite a difference in pricing for the same item....


  • scubacoles
    Sorry TIMEMACHINEBOOKS but this is a terrible deal! The MS official price is the same.. $79.95 Many places online will sell 12 month Gold memberships for around $50.
    Maybe you could post some examples of these $50 deals which would be a bit more helpful and little less negative....
  • DrKazanovaKK
    I do believe the OP has the wrong link! the link goes to gamecow but the title refers to discountgamer.com.au. Try this link: http://discountgamer.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66
  • DrKazanovaKK
    Also to be noted: discountgamer.com.au sends the code via email instead of posting the card out! Handy if you don't want to wait!
    Ooops! :o Thanks Dr, I changed the title and the listing from the original $79.95 deal but not the link! I've updated it now....

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