Wii PLUS 3 games (inc sport) $384 @ Kmart

12 November 2008

Doesn't compare to the $199 recent deal .. however ... I suspect you can actually purchase one at this price :-D
You will need to be quick though

Sale starts tomorrow and ends 19th

You get:
Wii console
Wii Sports
Big Beach Sports
Wii music


  • lilpretzel
    That's an excellent price! Don't forget you can shop online but not sure on delivery fee. :)
  • nod
    If you prefer more music then take a look at the ]BigW deal for $388
    Wii console, Wii Sports game, Wii remote, Wii nunchuck and the new Wii Music.
  • excite
    If you prefer more musis then take a look at the ]BigW deal for $388
    I think the Kmart bundle is better, they actually give you an additional game with lower total price.
  • MamaK
    I'll be getting this pack (well hopefully) DP can't wait to play the beach cricket :)
  • naffi
    Put this on lay by at lunch time, they had run out of Big Beach sports and were substituting Carnival instead, many thanks to the OP, hadn't even noticed this deal on the catalogue!!
  • lilpretzel
    If you prefer more music then take a look at the ]BigW deal for $388
    Apparently BigW has changed the package to beat Kmart, it now also includes Wii De Blob for $382.00
  • stilted
    or if your looking at a Xbox 360 with three games + 60 gig drive for $399 - wander into GAME for this amazing deal

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