Wii Fit bundle for $499 - EB Games

13 October 2008

Good deal for those contemplating buying a wii.

NIntendo WIi package + Wii Sports + Wii Fit + Wii Dual Charger = $499


  • craftykiwi
    Thanks beejean - I have some friends who were just asking about Wii deals. You may want to edit your deal though to include the store name.
  • admin EDITOR
    Not bad value - thanks beejean.
  • queenshrew
    Great deal, thanks Beejean :) Wish mine came with a dual charger ;(
  • mouldgirl
    what does the dual charger do?
  • beejean
    No worries, I have already got my wii long time ago, but i think this is not a bad deal for someone who don't. Most Dual Charger for wii are basically rechargeable batteries with docking station. With this you don't have to buy any more batteries for the wii remote.

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