Who Wants to be a Millionaire DVD Game - $1 @ EzyDVD.

19 April 2008

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This DVD is formatted for playback on PAL enabled systems (Australian Standard).

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Family Picture Edition DVD Game includes all the usual features of this incredibly popular TV show including 50:50, Ask The Audience and Phone- A Friend. A different set of questions will appear each time. Hosted by Eddie McGuire the DVD Game will feature video footage from the TV game show including audience interaction. The game is very unique, it features all-Australian questions and its an exciting way in which to put the whole family in the famous Millionaire hot seat!

Released: Wednesday, 23 November 2005
Actors: Eddie McGuire
Country: Australia
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Fullscreen
Transfer Format: 4:3
Category: Interactive
Region: 4
Format: DVD
Year: 2005
Distributor: Universal
Rating: G
Languages: English
Subtitles: None


  • Brad
    ]http://www.ezydvd.com.au/g/i/p/783830.jpg Bargain price on this, especially when you find enough stuff there to qualify for free shipping too. :)
  • jdstacey
    ...otherwise, if you buy one by itself - it's just $1.50 for postage.
  • lisss
    Good price but its a really crappy game. We played ours only twice before the questions started being repeated everywhere, so we couldn't play anymore without knowing the answers!!! :rolleyes:
  • craftykiwi
    Just ordered one myself for Mother's day gift from the kids. For that price can't really go wrong even if you only play it a few times. Only downside ordering with EzyDVD is not showing postage anywhere on order upfront.
  • jdstacey
    Check out http://www.ezydvd.com.au/extra/shipping.zml for shipping details at EzyDVD. Also, through the checkout process you'll get to a screen called 'Dispatch Options'. On that screen there is also a link that says "Click here for delivery charges" which takes you to the link above.
  • craftykiwi
    I did that, and have assumed it's $1.50 according to their chart, but just would have liked it printed on my invoice so there are no nasty surprises. All that comes up at the moment is the $1 DVD charge, and we have to wait until it is dispatched to see what comes out of Paypal.
  • jdstacey
    Ah, yes, I see what you mean. EzyDVD are one of those companies that don't charge your credit card/paypal account until the item is shipped. When they ship the item they send you an email that doubles as both a notification of shipment and a tax invoice. I think they don't show shipping costs upfront because you get a few different delivery options (mostly when ordering multiple items etc).
  • voteoften
    They have a girlie karioke(sp?) dvd for a buck as well, plus a crappy soap opera one. I bought about $22 worth of gear, including multiple of the McGuire and the girlie one. Bought a 5 dvd set of an american tv show that I watched as a kid for $10. 1500 minutes of pure babysitting power. That's less than 50cents an hour!
  • gstok
    Out of stock.
  • jdstacey
    wow, that was quick, obviously very popular at that price!
  • Brad
    I have expired this now.
  • craftykiwi
    My DVD game arrived today - very quick.
  • Brad
    Had a go of it yet crafty? any good?
  • craftykiwi
    Not yet - it's a Mother's Day present from the kids so it's gone away until then. Did see them playing it at a friend's house and they were having a lot of fun. Will let you know in 2 weeks.
  • Brad
    oh cool :) Can't go wrong if they've played it before :)
  • craftykiwi
    Had a go of it yet crafty? any good?
    Got round to playing the game on the weekend when Father-in-law visited. Difficult to keep him entertained so thought this would be a good change from the usual cards he likes to play. We all enjoyed it (and no repeat questions yet) and FIL was rapt to win $32,000!! Just a pity it wasn't real money!

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