Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (August Week 2)

Tension is in the air, not within the ranks of Buckscoop, but within the ranks of our government. A clear division has emerged within the federal government over the simple question of same sex marriages. Mark Dreyfus believes its up to the commonwealth parliament to legislate. Whilst Mr Morrison clearly stated on his Twitter feed, “Oz people should decide this not politicians, judges or lawyers.”

Here at Buckscoop we believe that each and every person should be given the same social equality, regardless of his or her background. To us it's as clear as sharing the top deals and freebies with our entire community every week, regardless of whether you're a jet-setting millionaire or somebody trying to hold down two jobs to pay the bills. Every one of you should be given the same opportunity to visit our site and benefit from all the money saving advice and information. This week on the freebie front, for example, we have Google Play, Dirty Little Helper, Jamberry, Apple App Store and CyberLink all doing their bit to share the love with customers.


Google Play – Free Human Nature Album

This is the twelfth studio album ‘Jukebox created by Human Nature, the famous Australian pop vocal group. The album was released in October 2014 and contains covers from songs released in the 50’s and 60’s. The album contains 14 songs, each with an average play time of 3 minutes. If you like soulful ballads with a contemporary feel, these guys will certainly take you back to the iconic times of the Jukebox era.

Google Play Store give away free Human Nature Album called Jukebox on Buckscoop

Expiry Date: 16th August 2015


Jamberry – Free Fingernail Wraps

Jamberry has announced that it will be launching in Australia next month (September) and as a result intends on rewarding early birds with a free set of fingernail wraps. They are also offering opportunities to become an independent consultant, but I'm sure many of you at this stage will be more interested in the freebie. These unique nail wraps make is very easy to express your own signature style with over 300 unique designs at your disposal. Get the professional salon look for free without the hassle of nail varnish.

Jamberry Nails offer free fingernail wraps ahead of their launch in Australia

Expiry Date: 31st August 2015


Dirty Little Helper – Free 90,000 Steam Keys

DLH is still offering 90,000 free Steam Keys for Earth 2150 on The Moon Project game. Set within 2150, it focuses on the darkest years that planet earth has ever seen in the history of mankind. Lunar Corporation, Eurasian Dynasty and United Civilised States all battle between each other to the bitter end for the ownership of planet earth. A secret research project is happening on the moon code-named: “Project Sunlight” can you help fight evil?

Dirty Little Helper is offering 90,000 free steam keys for Earth, The Moon Project

Expiry Date: 20th August 2015


Apple – Free iSmoothRun Pro App

iSmoothRun claim to be one of the best apps on the market for tracking and logging all of your exercise activity from running to walking, hiking to cycling. The smartly designed interface displays an abundance of information such as: Distance, Pace, Cadence, Heart rate, Split Average Pace, Ascend, Calories, Altitude, Lap Count and GPS Signal. A couple of features I especially like are the Ghost Run, where you can race against previous times you have set, as well as the ability to track the miles your running shoes have dones (for wear and tear purposes).

Apple App Store are offering a Free iSmoothRun app to download on Buckscoop

Expiry Date: 31st August 2015



CyberLink – Free PhotoDirector Deluxe Photo Editing

This is a handy freebie for all of you photo lovers out there. CyberLink are giving away free licences for their PhotoDirector 5 Deluxe photo-editing software suite. The program helps you efficiently organise all your photos, enrich each of them to your personal preference and edit their features to create unique one of a kind styles and designs. To download, you only need to provide your name and email address. FYI: they usually sell this software for $70 per licence.

CyberLink offer Free Download of PhotoDirector Deluxe Photo editing software

Expiry Date: 16th September 2015

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