Watch Spiderman 3 for $8 @ Birch

18 May 2007

The greatest Cinebuzz Club weekly special this year!

SPIDERMAN 3 - $8 per ticket

This week May 17-23 Cinebuzz Club members can see Spiderman 3 for just $8 per ticket!

To become a Cinebuzz Club member visit the Birch Websit to join, It's free.


  • vincent
  • Emma EDITOR
    Thanks Vincent! I really enjoyed the first spidey movie. The 2nd didn't quite live up to my expectations. But the upside down kiss from the first one really sticks in my head as a cinema moment!! Although I think Willem Dafoe was excellent as the green goblin. Think he's a great actor :cool: P.S. Hotty from me.
  • nod
    Willem Dafoe is a good actor. I quite enjoyed the 1st 2 spidey movies. Although the whingey Peter Parker character got a bit much. Hope he imporves this time around :D Thanks for the deal Vincent
  • vincent
    :eek: I haven't watched any of them. :o
  • nod
    Really Vincent? In all honesty I don't think that you are missing out on too much. The first was the best I think. So if you see any, I would see that one. Not that I have seen the 3rd... yet :)

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