Watch Netflix USA with a One off Lifetime Payment Geo-blocking Service

Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular streaming service in the world but with so many different rules and regulations around broadcasting rights, it’s difficult to provide the same content to all countries. Agreements such as the free sharing of content over the internet doesn’t apply in this area so its understandable why we Aussies feel a little left out when it comes to Netflix content.

Netflix USA has the most extensive variety and depth of content, with most other versions not having either the same quantity or the full list of available seasons for example. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to bypass the blocks and some are free whilst others cost money. There is one company at the moment that is currently having a sale on a lifetime subscription so you don’t have to continue paying for monthly.

SimpleTelly is a smart DNS service that bypasses geo-restrictions so you no longer get those annoying “not available in your area” messages. It sneaks around the geo-restrictions just like a VPN, but the benefits are that it doesn’t slow down your connection speeds when too many people are sharing the same server. Additionally, this is purely a DNS service and doesn't include free access to Netflix or other content providers, these services and their subscriptions must be paid independently.

The service usually costs $195 for their lifetime subscription, however their current sale has brought the price down to $51.77 (70% off). SimpleTelly is compatible with multiple devices e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, smartphone, laptops AppleTV, Smart TVs etc.

The list of sites available are also great because those of you not too keen on Netflix might also be happy to hear you can access Hulu, ABC, NBC, HBO, BBC, Pandora, along with a further 135 supported channels. Unlike other service providers, there is no limit on the amount of streaming you can do either.

Earlier this year I covered which were the best VPN services to Access Netflix USA from Australia. The average cost for these highly recommended services was roughly $10 per month or $65 per annum, so the fact that this SimpleTelly deal only costs $52 for life is an exceptionally good deal that wont affect internet speeds if there are too many people connected to the server.

Simpletelly Geo-blocking service

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