Very Niiice! Borat DVD And Bonus Mankini Limited Edition for $19.83!!!

28 July 2007

Very Niiice!

LOL I couldn't believe this boxset - it's the Borat special edition DVD boxset and it comes with a bonus Mankini!!! Exactly what every red-blooded Australian male needs! As it is a pre-order, I believe you get free delivery from EzyDVD, which is always a bonus.

Special Features:

* Includes a polybagged Mankini!
* Deleted and Extended Scenes
* "Sexy Drown Watch" - Kazakhstan's Version of Baywatch
* Global P.R. Tour Highlights Including TV Appearances
* Borat Soundtrack Infomercial
* News Report Clip


  • Emma EDITOR
    ] ] ]
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm still amazed he didnt get shot in some of those scenes he did in America. Still makes me wonder whether they were actually staged.
  • nod
    It is just wrong..... nothing more to be said :eek:
  • nod
    Sadly when you google images quite a few 'mankini's appear :D
  • nod hehehehehehehehe..... I am going to get told off soon :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D:D:D its after the Saturday night watershed.
  • Emma EDITOR
    nod;10527 hehehehehehehehe..... I am going to get told off soon :D
    Where did you find that image of my boyfriend!!! :w00t:
  • nod
    ummmm..... :eek: I am stuck for words for once :D
  • Emma EDITOR
    So no-one's gonna get one and share the pics of you watching Borat while in the mankini!!?
  • nod
    mmmmm..... I can't wear a mankini :(

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