VALENTINE'S - Gift wrap yourself "Naughty Knot" #3: Fantasy Lingerie $38.90 + 20% cash back

5 February 2008

No idea what to give him/her for Valentine's Day? Well, this deal isn't in the under $20 category, but if you don't have a DStore voucher, and still want a NAUGHTY KNOT, this deal gets you 20% cash back instead. (20% off $29.95 = $23.96 + 8.95 post)


  • nod
    Interesting that the Fantasy Lingerie deal with the highest cashback works out to be the most expensive option
  • ScarletRubies
    Unless someone comes up with a discount code? I couldn't find one, and it was the vouchers that set DStore and Latest Buy apart.
  • nod
    I don't know of one either :(
  • fishmonkey
    mmm, classy...

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