VALENTINE'S - Gift wrap yourself "Naughty Knot" #2: Latest Buy $32.90 + 8% cash back

5 February 2008

OK, because I am a sad case, I have done the shopping around for you. Interested in presenting yourself to someone gift-wrapped this Valentine's Day? Well, why not - you're the best gift he/she/it could ever get, I'm sure. :)

The attached voucher will get you $5 off a NAUGHTY KNOT, bringing the cost to $24.95 + $7.95 post. You get 8% cash back, too.

So, three options - $24.46 from DStore if you've got store credit; $30.90 after cash back from Latest Buy; $32.91 after cash back from Fantasy Lingerie.... it might be the "extras" you order on the side that help you choose which store!


  • admin EDITOR
    When I read this I thought.... I've seen this at one of the adult store, wonder if its cheaper there with the higher cashback rate. But I see you've beaten me already Ruby :)
  • ScarletRubies
    I'd recommend something else for the beatings, Donkey - the things I suffered through checking into THIS deal!!! Like I said, it might be the extras ordered that help someone decide which store is the most ideal! :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    LOL ruby, this is hilarious! I've never seen this before :) It's funny in the main pic on latestbuy - she still has her knickers on and looks a bit odd! :w00t:

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