Unlimited: WIN Bang & Olufsen system ("Australian Gourmet Traveller" magazine) + 6.75% BUCKY CASH

9 September 2007

From Magshop:
"Australian Gourmet Traveller, the country's premier food and travel magazine, features innovative recipes, reviews and food news, and explores exotic destinations, special properties and unique experiences around the globe."

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  • ScarletRubies
    Is this a contest or a deal? Also, how do others 'categorise' magazine subs? Category based on subject matter? Oh, well - I'll go look!
  • Brad
    This would be a deal, as there is a purchase required. ;) I categorise them as the subject, ie. this one would be under Food, Wine & Spirits.
  • ScarletRubies
    OK, I can see why it'd be a deal... category is tricky though! It's travel as well!!! ;)
  • Emma EDITOR
    I probably would have chosen "entertainment"... but yes, i think it should be in deals as well. I don't think we can move it there though...
  • admin EDITOR
    definately a deal (belated answer really :)). Pretty good one though if you were to win the B&O unit. I quite like gourmet traveller - some of the recipies they have are good.

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