4 August 2011

A Daily Deal from Deep Discount...

With 7 Blu-Rays worth of Matrix entertainment, this box set will literally take you inside the world of the Matrix! Neo proves he is the one in The Matrix (1999/136 min.), The Matrix Reloaded (2003/138 min.) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003/129 min.). 7 Discs. Color/R.

With the likes of Sanity selling this for $125+, this has got to be a great deal and opportunity to grab a piece of cinema history!!


  • jdas
    Is this region locked to US ? Anyone can confirm it will play here is Australia ?
    To be honest I always thought all Blu-Rays were region free but apparently not! But thanks to the entity that is the internet, here's a site that confirms that this set is in fact region free... http://regionfreemovies.com/bluray/Matrix_%28Ultimate_Collection%29/US
  • admin EDITOR
    They're a bit confused in the marketing there. The title says 7 disks the specs say 6. The last bit where they list the cast refers to Troy..... The price is good for the item. Seems to range from 70 bucks to 150 elsewhere. I was wondering what they were filling 3/4 disks with ... this apparently Written introduction by the Wachowski Brothers Commentaries by: -Philosophers: Dr. Cornel and Ken Wilber -Critics: Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thomson -Cast/crew: Carrie-Anne Moss, Zach Staenberg and John Gaeta for the Matrix -Compoeser: Don Davis with music-only track for the Matrix Feature-length documentary The Matrix Revisited Behind the Matrix documentary gallery: 83 featurettes with the MTV Movie Awards Reloaded and 3-D Evolutions stills gallery The Music Revisited: 41 audio track selection of nearly 3 hours of music Music videos: Marilyn Manson's Rock Is Dead and P.O.D.'s Sleeping Awake Enter the Matrix: The Game documentary Enter the Matrix: View 23 live-action scenes shot for the video game that plug into the Action of The Matrix Reloaded 4 director commentaries and 8 documentaries on The Animatrix, including Scrolls to Screen: The Histoey and Culture of Anime The Burly Man Chronicles: Probe the society of actors, craftspeople and filmmakers who shapewd the movie trilogy and Enter the Matrix console game in 21 featurettes and a feature-length documentary The Roots of the Matrix: Historical, philosophical and technical inspirations are explored in insightful documentaries The Zion Archive: Production assets developed for The Matrix Universe, including concept art, storyboards, drawings, music videos, music rave reel and The Matrix Online Theatrical trailers and TV Spots

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